Somehow it felt like this day would never come…but, here we are…with a whole new set of course dates! To say that we’re excited to seeing you all and being back teaching FBoS is an understatement!

The list of dates has been published on the website. There are a few things we wish to point out:

  • as you all know, we don’t usually teach during the summer as there just is not the uptake on courses due to overseas holidays and family commitments – however, in view of many people looking for either a new certification or recertification, as well as the many who had their courses postponed and the possibility of another Covid wave at some point, we are keen to get as many of you trained up in the soonest time frame.
  • we do appreciate not all dates / venues suit everyone but we do hope there is enough variety to choose alternatives.
  • places will be given on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Courses are capped at 12 unless the venue has adequate space to cater for more incl. social distancing measures.
  • anyone who previously booked a place please email us at and let us know your choice – you DO NOT need to fill in another form (unless you moved house) and pay again.
  • for anyone interested in attending the FBoS ADVANCED course, you MUST have completed the basic FBoS prior to attending the ADVANCED.
  • Group Bookings – if you haven’t contacted us yet regarding a group booking for a course, please do so as soon as possible as there are not too many weekends still available.