Biker Safety Training Course Testimonials

‘You don’t need a parachute to go skydiving just like you don’t need training to ride a motorcycle…but what if you want to do it twice?

Just got back from a First Bike on Scene Course today and Learn2Ride thoroughly recommends it. Why? Well, just do yourself a favour right now and take a second to answer this question? Be honest! Would you know exactly what to do if you were the first rider to appear at the scene of a motorcycle crash? Truthfully?

If you said, ‘Yes, probably’, then you’re in the same boat I was. I was surprised today by how much I didn’t know that I didn’t even know – and I have been trained in first aid before. If you answered ‘No’, then just book a course. Now! No ifs, no buts, no maybe’s.

Seriously, don’t think, ‘it won’t happen to me’. Sooner or later statistically you’ll be involved in or come across a motorcycle crash. So just do this right now! Fill in the booking form, pay the fee, go to the course and that’s it. You won’t regret it: I certainly didn’t.

The course is fun, enjoyable, well-structured and with hours of hands-on training as well as thought provoking questions and exercises that reflect the real-life possible crash scenarios that any motorcyclist might encounter. This isn’t your everyday first aid course. Your instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated. As a professional motorcycle instructor myself I recognise high-quality training when I see it.

FBoS is a must for any motorcycle rider or pillion in my opinion. Now fill in that booking form pronto! Go!!!!!!!’ – Dave at Learn2Ride Motorcycle Training, Derry

‘The course was most rewarding and very worthwhile and I would certainly recommend all of my biking colleagues to attend this very valuable training.’ – Terry, Co. Louth

‘I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy to have done the FBoS course. I had to put it to the test in the French Alps when, while climbing the ‘Col des Champs’, I came across a lady that had fallen off her bicycle while descending. Another biker had just arrived a minute before me and he was onto the emergency services already. I used the first aid kit I got from you to help the victim stay warm and comfortable. I also assessed the victim in order to inform the emergency services. While the victim was conscious and able to tell me her name and other information, she had a large enough cut on her left eyebrow which was bleeding. After stopping the bleeding, I found out that her left shoulder was heavily grazed and dislocated. Her left elbow was also grazed and 3 fingers of her left hand were damaged. There were no other bleeding. There were no other trauma. Once we knew the emergency services were on the way, we secured the area with a red triangle on one side and a motorbike with flashing warning lights on the other side. The victim being on the side of the road, we organised alternative passing traffic, leaving a parking space for the ambulance. The emergency services staff were well impressed with the information related to them prior their arrival and with the organisation of the accident scene. Personally I would like to say a huge thank you to Rodge and Derek for having taken time to teach us those vital skills. See you soon.’ – Olivier, Co. Kildare

‘ I attended the FBoS course yesterday, in Balrothery, I would like to commend your instructors on their expertise and knowledge, and their ability to convey and explain how to perform the procedures that might be required. I would happily recommend every biker, person, to undertake this course.

And as it turned out, I was marshaling with “bike marshals” today, on the charity cycle “Wicklow 200” and because of the previous training was able to assist an ambulance crew, getting a cyclist, who had ended up in a deep ditch / gulley, up from that, on a spinal board to the ambulance. As a result of the training I was familiar with the procedures, and knowing and understanding the instructions from the lead medic, with confidence. Hats off to your two instructors.’ – B. F. , Co. Meath

‘Many thanks to you all for running this course. My second time. Often said before by others, should be compulsory for all.’ – G., Co. Kilkenny

‘An excellent course. I have recommended it to all my bike riding mates. The course is an essential part of your riding kit. In the near future I will take it again. I was very impressed by Nick and Rodger.’ – Martin Conachey, Cork

‘I completed the FBoS Course last year in Wexford. I found the day both informative and entertaining, the lads certainly get the right balance between the seriousness of the topic and lightening the mood with anecdotes. Theory is backed up with practical hands-on practise. Fortunately, I have not had the opportunity yet to use the skills learnt but it is reassuring to know what to do if an emergency was to arise either in the course giving lessons or on a spin.’ – Gillian Dunlop, ADI – Wexford

‘I attended the FBoS course in Antrim. I found it an extremely interesting useful course. Rodge and Nick have put together an excellent easy to learn programme which made the day a lot more relaxing whilst still being professional. I never wore a high Viz before I completed the course but I now wear one. I also carry a first aid kit, another first for me, not bad after riding for 45 years. Congratulations on rolling out your model on the UK market, I’m sure it will be a massive success. Bye for now and thank you for the opportunity to comment on the FBoS course.’ – Eugene Kennedy, Antrim

‘I got the opportunity to do the FBoS course early this year. It was incredibly informative and confidence inspiring. The course was very professionally taught and clearly demonstrated with enough student involvement to ensure everybody gained the experience of each section. This course should be MANDATORY…every biker in the country would benefit from this…’ – Tom, Boyle

‘I would only be too pleased to add my comments as to the FBoS course that I completed two years ago. The course itself is very informative, fun and more importantly easy to understand. With audience participation aswell as having two very professional instructors putting you through your paces, everyone gets the chance to fully understand the importance of your newly found skill set. I enjoyed it so much I have since undertaken further courses with the Irish National Ambulance Service to become a qualified community first responder in my local community.’ – Jim Betts, RoSPA – Birr

‘I attended the course in Claremorris, Co. Mayo, with my partner and friends last year. I attended it mainly because we had had some close friends loose their lives recently due to motorcycle collisions and was very aware that at any time I could be the person coming upon accidents like this. I feared how I would react and this course did help a lot. Of course, nobody could possibly know how they would react until such time as they would find themselves in the situation but it definitely helped me with my fear. I do think that following this I would be a lot more beneficial to someone if I did come across an accident. I highly recommend this course to anyone who rides a motorcycle or pillions. We all think it’ll never happen to us but it’s coming closer to home all the time.’ – Anna Maria

‘I really enjoyed the course and thought it invaluable to all bikers. An informative course, well presented and enjoyable. Thanks again guys!’ – Fergal C.

‘On Sunday 25.08.2013 I was a student on the FBoS Course which was held in Portlaoise Leisure Centre. I’m writing to thank everybody for a wonderful course. I found the course most enjoyable, constructive and very educational. Having been a military training instructor for a great number of years I found Nick’s method of instruction top class, he made the course enjoyable, fun and imparted his medical expertise to the fullest, so much that I would like to follow up this course with another course of similar or more. I will be very proud to wear the FBoS badge on my jacket and shall do everything in my power to promote this wonderful wonderful course to all and sundry. Once again sincere thanks to all for wonderful course and a great day’s training.’ – Martin Lally

‘I was there as an observer at yesterday’s Unity Riders FBoS and having been part off and helped lead similar courses, I was very impressed with the presentation and content of the course. I went away with six items I learnt that I didn’t have explained in the simple but effective way it was. Thanks for an interesting and informative day, there was a positive buzz from the people on the course. Once again Thank you,’ – G.M.

‘Completed this course a few weeks ago, and I have to say it’s a must for any biker…. having had basic first aid training before its surprising what you don’t know about accidents involving bikers… great fun day too… stay safe.’ – Shane MontgomeryBlood Bikes North West

‘Myself and my hubby did our FBOS training at Northridge House, St. Luke’s, Cork. We learnt loads from it, our trainer Rodge did an amazing job in explaining everything we needed to know.

Just the other night Peter was driving home when he came across a man, who was drunk and had fallen onto the road. He had banged his head badly off the road. Peter went straight to him comforting him, asking his name and chatting to him to keep him awake until an ambulance came. He said if he didn’t do the FBoS training he wouldn’t have known what to do. We both highly recommend doing this training as it can save someone’s life. There were a lot of people standing around the man when Peter got there but they didn’t do anything. They just stayed to watch what was happening. We really believe that just because there were people present, don’t presume that one of them knows what to do, because none of them did, until Peter got there.’ – Sylvia & Peter

‘I was on a First Bike on Scene training course in Ennis yesterday and I would like to say it was the most interesting and informative course I have been on for a long time. I learned things on it I should have known years ago including CPR, use of a defibrillator and many life saving tips. I now feel confident if I come upon an accident I can be of help which before this I could not. This training is invaluable for any type of scenario involving life or death situations so is not only good for motorcyclists but also car drivers and the general public. It should be included on any type of driver learning, workplaces, schools and colleges as standard.

Finally I would like to say Rodge and Nick our trainers made the course very interesting, with plenty of practical work and they are excellent at what they do. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It was a brilliant course which I was not expecting so credit to everyone involved.’ – John O Brien

‘Just a quick note of thanks for including me at late notice on Sundays FBoS course in Ennis. It was an enlightening experience with energetic enthusiastic instructors. I enjoyed it and felt it was good value for money too.’ – Mike

‘I was lucky enough to do the FBOS refresher with you in Galway in September. On a rideout at the weekend one of the guys came off and his sunglasses split the bridge of his nose. I got the call to circle back and my heart sank. Lots of blood (on thinners) but he was walking and talking when I got there so not too bad. But what was great was how relaxed I was because of the training, I had a fair idea what to do, I had a first aid kit (no gloves, but hey, you learn all the time). The rider was happy enough to resume the ride and the bike can be repaired and the nose will heal.

So just a short note to say what a great job you guys do, that it’s appreciated, and that it’s used (but hopefully not used too much).
Hope to see you at some stage in the future and I hope we can organise a course or get some of our members on to one of your courses soon.’ – John, Co. Westmeath

‘Thank You very much Nick and Bernadette. I had a GREAT course today. Nick was brilliant.
I very much appreciate the time and effort that went into the organisation. The venue was great. We had everything we needed on hand. (Separate rooms to allow undisturbed practice, good facilities for refreshment, parking etc….)
I enjoyed it very much, and more importantly I learned essential stuff. Repeating the course is never a waste of time. In fact it’s an essential requirement. It helps to stay fresh and current. A semi-trained person who’s skills have diminished is a danger, not a benefit.
It was well worth the cost.
Well done all, Stay Safe,’ – Séa, Dublin

Selection of photographs courtesy of Eoin Stephenson and Graham Martin.

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