An update from the FBoS course we provided for the @Moyross Youth Academy – Scrambler Initiative.

The Scrambler Initiative is part of the Moyross Youth Academy and is a structured pathway for youngsters (11 to 18 years) to move from reckless riding, to getting ‘on track’ with the National Circuit for Motorcross.

Historically the large estates in the area were well known to offer little for young people, and criminalising what they perceived as talent when racing dirtbikes across public roads as a dare. From horse and cart, to hitching a lift to school on the handlebars, safety was well down the agenda.

However, with the appointment of a dedicated coordinator in the autumn of 2023, the content of the programme drastically changed.

Tony Carey works on changing the young rider’s self-perception as well as attitude towards the wider community. His extensive background in youth work and being an avid rider himself, are a driving force.

With a continuous intake, the group grew from just a handful to 15 young people, including several females. Referrals come from parents, schools, community groups, the courts and JLO’s, or from individuals, once they’re over 18. The project receives funding from the community, along with the Department of Justice.

Modules are run on 2 days per week after school and include

Personal Development / Group Dynamics / Social Skills,

Nutrition / Health and Fitness / Personal Hygiene,

Safety Training / PPE / Bike Maintenance,

IBT Skills with BikeWise Training, Limerick.

FBoS Training from ourselves.

On Sunday, May 19th, the young people will participate for the first time at a live motorcross event in Doon, Co. Offaly. One of them is their appointed first aider on the day and is ready and prepped for all eventualities!

We wish all participants the very best of luck on their journey into adulthood! Your hard work has paid off and we hope your achievements will always spur you on. We’re delighted to have made a very small contribution towards it. Thank you to Tony and all the team @Moyross Youth Academy. We look forward to training the next cohort!