Mick Smyth of Wexford based Roadcraft Motorcycle Training organised an FBoS-ERS Course for a Sunday in mid-August of this year. 12 like-minded bikers joined him on the day to learn new skills, which they hoped never to use.

However soon after, Mick came across a road traffic accident, involving 2 foreign bikers heading for the ferry in Rosslare. One of them was face down, while the other seemed to be unharmed and able to communicate.

Through a rapid assessment and appropriate management, he was able to maintain the victims airway until HSE ambulance personnel arrived at the scene. Another paramedic, from Belfast, came across the scene while travelling to the ferry. Mick, together with the paramedics, logrolled the injured biker and secured him to a spinal bord for stabilisation of any possible spinal injuries. The biker was then transferred by ambulance to hospital.

An FBoS-ERS Provider making a difference!