Within the space of just a couple of weeks two members of our FBoS community were able to assist Road Traffic Accident victims.

In the first instance a volunteer Bike Marshal attending a cycle race, supported a rider, who had sustained obvious head injuries and cared for the patient until the ambulance crew was ready to take over.

In a separate incident, at a vintage biking event, a volunteer Blood Biker assisted a fellow biker who unfortunately had to be removed from a boggy ditch. Despite difficult circumstances, the patient was fully supported as per FBoS protocols until the ambulance crew attended. However due to the patients medical problems and the very remote location, the patient was airlifted by a coastguard helicopter.

In both cases, the FBoS members have contacted us, to say how glad they were having learned the skills and being able to make a difference to both patients. We at B.I.K.E.R.S Training want to offer our congratulations on their efforts.