In January of this year, we were asked to provide FBoS training to our colleagues of the PSNI BikeSafe Team. After some negotiations it became a much bigger programme.

And so we recently facilitated 3 sets of a specially adapted FBoS course to the PSNI VIP Escort Team. We had the opportunity to run these courses at their headquarters in County Antrim, which also houses the driver and motorcycle advanced training division. Our sincere thanks goes to the Constable in Charge and the Team Inspector for making it all so smooth. We also thank our instructors Stephen and Derek, who in turn provided their competence and insight to the courses.

We’re delighted with the this step up in our continued safety partnership with the PSNI Bikesafe Team. On that note, the success of the re-introduced BikeSafe Initiative through An Garda Siochana across RoI will be another avenue over 2024.