In October B.I.K.E.R.S Training celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary! We’re delighted to see FBoS come from humble beginnings to where it is now.

Many didn’t think much of the concept, certification and or that we’d make it. Yet here we are, 10 years on and all because of soo many others who did feel that FBoS does make an impact.

Thank you for giving this project it’s wings and giving us the chance to support this fabulous community with life saving skills.

The demand and input from attendes has helped us to expand the content of the original course and over time create the Advanced course.

We’re grateful for the friendships forged with a huge variety of organisations and groups, and many more individuals.

While it is a big achievement and reason to celebrate, we were conscious that in current times a party is not appropriate. However, we will plan a big do for better times and hope to see you all there.